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A study of web search trends Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Acquisitions go global: An introduction to library collection management in the 21st century (book review) Library acquisition, Collection management, Collection building, Collection development
American libraries and the Internet: The social construction of Web appropriation and use (book review) Library; Internet; World Wide Web
Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web Five Laws of Library Science; Ranganathan's Laws; World Wide Web; Five Laws of the Web
Application of social media in marketing of library and information services: A case study from Pakistan Social media; Library marketing; Online marketing; World Wide Web; Web 2.0
Application of web 2.0 tools in medical librarianship to support medicine 2.0 Web 2.0; Medicine 2.0; Medical Library 2.0; Medical Librarianship
Bibliometric analysis of the 'Electronic Library' journal (2000-2010) Electronic Library; Bibliometrics; Content analysis; Scientific journal
Bibliometric analysis of output and visibility of science and technology in Singapore during 2000-2009 Science; Technology; Bibliometric analysis; Scientific publication; Collaboration; Citation analysis; Authorship; Singapore
Bridging the mire between e-research and e-publishing for multimedia digital scholarship in the humanities and social sciences: An Australian case study Digital data chain; Open repositories; Humanities and social sciences; Scholarly e-publishing; Semantic web; Multimedia; Interactivity; Australia
Chemoinformatics and the World Wide Web: An interview with professor Peter Willett Chemoinformatics; Chemiinformatics; Chemical informatics; Chemobioinformatics; Chemical information
Citation Analysis of Journal of Documentation Citation analysis; Journals; Bibliometrics; Journal of Documentation; Scopus
Citation analysis of Library Trends Citation analysis; Journals; Bibliometrics; Print-citations; Electronic-citations
Citation-linking between open access journals Open access journals; Hyperlink; Citation-linking; Reference-linking
Citations to highly-cited researchers by their co-authors and their self-citations: How these factors affect highly-cited researchers' h-index in Scopus Highly-cited researchers; Self-citation; Citation analysis; Co-author; H-index; Scopus
Contractual solutions in electronic publishing industry: A comparative study of license agreements Intellectual Property Rights; Copyright; License Agreements; Databases
Correlation between references and citations References; Citations; Correlation
Cybercrime and the law: An Islamic view Computer Crime; Computer Crime Law; Texas Law; Islamic Law; Cybercrime
Delinking: An exploratory study Delinking; Link analysis; Universities; Colleges; Canada; U.S.
Descriptor and folksonomy concurrence in education related scholarly research Collaborative tagging; Social tagging; Social classification; Knowledge organization; Taxonomies; Folksonomies; Controlled vocabulary; Descriptors
Designing webliographies in an effective and simple manner: A step by step process Webliography; Designing; World Wide Web; Information retrieval
Deterring digital plagiarism, how effective is the digital detection process? Academic dishonesty; Plagiarism; Plagiarism Detection Tool; Text Matching Software; SafeAssignment; Safe Assign
Digital consumers reshaping the information profession (book review) Digital consumers; Information profession
Digital health information for the consumer: Evidence and policy implications (book review) Information literacy, Information professionals, Librarians, Libraries, Digital information, Health information, Consumer
Digital libraries: Principles and practice in a global environment (book review) Digital Libraries; Digital Library
Digital literacies: Concepts, policies and practices (book review) Digital literaciy; Literacy; Digital reading
Digital preservation of cultural heritage collection: Among libraries of India and Iran: A comparative study (book review) Cultural heritage; Digitization; Digital preservation; Iran; India
Digital rights management: A librarian's guide to technology and practice (book review) Digital rights; Digital rights management; Digital management; Librarian
Digitizing resources for University of Nigeria repository: Process and challenges Repository; Digitization; Digitization process; Information resources; Libraries; Nigeria
E-commerce Development in Iran E-Commerce; Iran; E-Government; Information Communication Technology; Developing Countries
E-marketing; unsolicited commercial e-mail; and legal solutions Direct Marketing; Spam; Unsolicited Commercial E-mail; Legal Solutions
Editorial (editorial) Web 2.0; Library 2.0; World Wide Web
Editorial (editorial) World Wide Web; Web search research; Search engines
Educational impact and open access journals (editorial) Educational Impact; Impact Factor; Visibility; Accessibility; Open Access Journals; Reading text; Syllabi
Egyptian and American Internet-based cross-cultural information seeking behavior. Part I: Research instrument Information seeking; Reference librarians; Cross-language information retrieval; Academic and public libraries; Cultural anthropology; Cross-cultural psychology; Global web site design; Online catalog usage; Foreign language anxiety studies
Ensuring the discoverability of digital images for social work education: An online "tagging" survey to test controlled vocabularies Indexing; Digital images; Controlled vocabularies; Folksonomies; Tagging; Taxonomies
Environmental knowledge and marginalized communities: The last mile connectivity Development planning; Environmental issues; Development communication; Barriers to communication; Marginalized communities; Information and communication technologies
Evaluation of Internet and the Web (editorial) World Wide Web; Search engines; Internet
An evaluation of the websites of charities and voluntary organisations providing support for young people: Case study: Drugscope Website; User studies; Usability; Accessibility; Log analysis; Evaluation
Evidence-based librarianship: Case studies and active learning exercises (book review) Library; Evidence-based
Evidence-based medical librarianship in Iran: An introduction Subject specialist librarians; Subject librarians; Evidence-Based Medical Practice (EBMP); Informationist; Iran
Exploitation of social media among university students: A case study Social media; Social networks; Web 2.0; University students; The Islamia University of Bahawalpur; Pakistan
Folksonomies, the Web and search engines (editorial) Folksonomy; Controlled vocabulary; Controlled languages; Thesaurus; Web 2.0; Collaborative tagging; Bookmarks; Social bookmarking; Social tagging
Folksonomies: Why do we need controlled vocabulary? (editorial) Folksonomy; Controlled vocabulary; Controlled languages; Thesaurus; Web 2.0; Taxonomy; Classification; Collaborative tagging; Bookmarks; Social bookmarking; Social tagging
Fundamental differences between hyperlinks and citations (editorial) Webometrics; Hyperlink; Link analysis; Link impact; Text Link; Web citation
Gender-specific information search behavior Information search behavior; Search engine; Information seeking behavior; Empirical gender study; Gender differences; Information retrieval
Generating best features for web page classification Feature selection; Subset generation; Subset evaluation; Machine learning; Classification
Geographical distribution of blogs in the United States Weblog; Blog; Geography; Geocoding; United States; Zip code; City; Information retrieval
Getting connected: Can social capital be virtual? Social capital; Virtual activism; Civic engagement; Social cohesion; World Wide Web; Internet access
Global information inequalities: Bridging the information gap (book review) Information inequality; Information gap; Digital divide
Hyperlinks and their roles in web information retrieval (editorial) Link analysis; Text Links; Types of Hyperlinks; Backlink; Link impact; Web citation; Webometrics
The HTML title tag and its importance (editorial) HTML; Title tag; Meta tag; Metadata; Web Indexing
How do search engines handle Chinese queries? World Wide Web; Search engines; Chinese language
The human side of reference and information services in academic libraries: Adding value in the digital world (book review) Reference service; Information services; Academic library; University
Identification of the characteristics of e-commerce websites E-commerce websites; Security; Navigation; Website characteristics
The impact of electronic word-of-mouth in the distribution of digital goods Reading; Online reading; Reading practices; Reading choices; Internet surfing; College students
Impact of the Internet surfing on reading practices and choices Social media; Web 2.0; Blogs; Online communities
Increase of precision on the top of the list of retrieved web documents using global and local link Analysis Link analysis; HITS; PageRank; Space Vector Model; Search engines
The indexing companion (book review) Indexing, Index, Indexes, Indices, Indexers
Information and emotion: The emergent affective paradigm in information behavior research and theory (book review) Information behavior, Information, emotion, Affective paradigms
The information literacy cookbook: Ingredients, recipes and tips for success (book review) Information Literacy
Information retrieval and machine learning: Supporting technologies for web mining research and practice Web Information Retrieval; Machine Learning Paradigms; Web mining
Information search strategies on the Internet: A critical component of new literacies Search strategies; Internet; New literacies; Information and Communication Technologies; Digital divide; Literacy skills; Learning technology
Information searching habits of Internet users: A case study on medical sciences University of Isfahan; Iran Internet usage; Internet access; Search engines; Search strategy; Information searching; Browsers; Digital information; Iran
Information seeking behaviour of faculty members of Rajabhat universities in Bangkok Information seeking; Search engines; Information searching; Bangkok; Thailand
The institutional repository (book review) Institutional repositories; Open access; E-print; Pre-print
Institutional repositories: Content and culture in an open access environment (book review) Institutional repositories; Open access; E-print; Pre-print
International actions against cybercrime: Networking legal systems in the networked crime scene Cybercrime; Legal system; International harmonization
Internet and its use in the engineering colleges of Punjab; India: A case study Internet use; Teachers; Students; Punjab; India
Internet abuse among the adolescents: A study on the locale factor Internet; Cyberspace; Blogosphere; Plagiarism
Introduction to Webology Webology; Web science; Web studies; World Wide Web; Web history; -logy
Islamic book and information culture: An overview Islamic book and information culture; Orality; Printing; Publishing in the Middle East; The Arab Awakening; Memorization; Illiteracy; Arabization of science; Information dissemination; Information seeking behavior
Letter to the Editor: 'Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research' (editorial) Scientific collaboration; Scientific research; Quality; Citation
Library 2.0, information and digital literacies in the light of the contradictory nature of Web 2.0 Information literacy; Digital literacy; Amateur content; Professional content; Public libraries; Academic libraries
Library 2.0 theory: Web 2.0 and its implications for libraries Web 2.0; Library 2.0; Blog; Wiki; Streaming media; Social network; Tagging; RSS; Mashup
Library management in electronic environment (book review) Library management; Administration; Electronic environment
Link spam and search engines (editorial) Blog spam; Link spam; Spamming; Search engines
LIS open access e-journal - where are you? Open access; Library science; Periodicals; Free e-journals; E-journal indexing
Location-based search engines tasks and capabilities: A comparative study Location-based search; Web search; Geographic search engines
Lost in cyberspace: Where to go? What to believe? Information seeking behavior; Search engines; Students; Education
Marketing of library and information services in global era: A current approach Library services; Information services; Marking; Market; Management
A message to conference / workshop organizers (editorial) World Wide Web; Webology; Web science; Conference; Workshop
Metadata and its impact on libraries (book review) Metadata and Its Impact on Libraries; Dublin Core; GILS; Ariadne; Open Access
Metadata and the Web World Wide Web; Metadata; Resource description; Dublin Core; Semantic Web; Ontology
More effective web search using bigrams and trigrams Web searching; Information need; Relevance feedback; Part-of-speech tagging; Information retrieval
Moving from script to science 2.0 for scholarly communication Scholarly Communication; Open Access; Web 2.0; Open Access 2.0; Science 2.0; OpenWetware; PLoS
Mystery meat revisited: Spam; anti-spam measures and digital redlining Email; Spam; Filtering; Blocking; Digital Divide; Digital Redlining
New competitive intelligence agents: "Programming" competitive intelligence ethics into corporate cultures, The Astroturfing; Competitive intelligence; Ethics; Field agent; Mystery shopping; Persona Management; Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
Nigerian university websites: A webometric analysis Nigerian universities; Websites; Webometric analysis; World Wide Web; Link analysis
A note on Webology journal (editorial) Webology; Web science; Web studies; World Wide Web
An online multi-lingual; multi-faith thesaurus: A progress report on F-THES Online Thesaurus; Mysticism; Sufism; Facet structure
On ontology alignment experiments Ontology alignment; Structural measure; Compound measure; Lexical measure; Sensitivity analysis; Semantic web
Open access to scientific knowledge and feudalism knowledge: Is there a connection? Open access; Feudalism knowledge; Universities; Transnational corporations; Google Scholar; Google Patents
Organising development knowledge: Towards situated classification work on the Web Categories; Classification; Design; Folksonomy; Mapping; Social inclusion; Tags; Web directories; Portal
Overview of ontology servers research Ontology; Ontology server; Ontology tool; Semantic Web
Paradigm shifts: From pre-web information systems to recent web-based contextual information retrieval Traditional information retrieval; Web information retrieval; Contextual information retrieval
The past; present and future of web search research: An interview with Dr. Amanda Spink Web search; Web information retrieval; Web searching; Information retrieval methods; World Wide Web
Perceptions, awareness and acceptance of library 2.0 applications among librarians at the International Islamic University Malaysia Web 2.0; Library 2.0; University libraries; Malaysia
Personal home pages as an information resource Personal Home Pages; Personal Web-pages; Online resources; Web resources
Personalization: An emerging direction for tackling the web searching barriers faced by teachers when searching for educational resources Internet; Personalization; Search Engines; Teachers; Web Searching
Personalized word of mouth recommender model, A Consumer generated media; Buzz; Text mining; Sentiment analysis; Recommending agent; Self-organizing map
Precision and recall of five search engines for retrieval of scholarly information in the field of biotechnology Search engine; Precision and recall; Scholarly information; Structured and unstructured queries; World Wide Web
Proximity rule and Matthew effect in co-authorships of Iranian medical universities Matthew effect; Collaboration; Co-authorship; Proximity; Scientometrics; Medical Universities; Iran
Reply to the Letter to the Editor: 'Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research' (editorial) Scientific collaboration; Scientific research; Quality; Citation
Reshaping digital inequality in the European Union: How psychological barriers affect Internet adoption Rates Internet; Digital divide; European Union; Mass communication; Socio-technological inclusion; Europe
Resource gleaning: From earlier times to the information age Information; Gathering; Research; Publication; Software
Science popularization through open access (editorial) Popularisation of Science; Open Access (OA); Popularity of Science; Popular science
Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research (editorial) Scientific research collaborations; Research productivity; Top papers; Highly-cited papers
Search engines and power: A politics of online (mis-) information Search engines; Information inequalities; Misinformation; Structural biases; Politics of online information; Google Earth
Search engines and resource discovery on the Web: Is Dublin Core an impact factor? Metadata; Dublin Core; Resource discovery; World Wide Web; Search engines
Shifts in search engine development: A review of past; present and future trends in research on search engines Web searching; Information retrieval; Search engines; Personalization; Localized search; Federated search; Deep Web; Web page structure analysis; Structured data
Similarities and differences between web search procedure and searching in the pre-web information retrieval systems Web information retrieval; Web searching; Information retrieval methods
Situated practices of information use and representation: An ethnographic study of a web design project for boys Youth; Personal Webpages; Internet; New literacies; Information and Communication Technologies; Multiliteracies; Ethnography
Social networking tools and research information systems: Do they compete? Research information; Social networking, Social network
Sociology of the Web (editorial) World Wide Web; Sociology; Social aspects
Stemming and root-based approaches to the retrieval of Arabic documents on the Web World Wide Web; Search engines; Arabic language
Structure and form of folksonomy tags: The road to the public library catalogue Folksonomies; Collaborative tagging; Controlled vocabularies; Guidelines
A study of email spam and how to effectively combat it Spam; Spamming; Unsolicited email; Email pornography; Email ethics; Arab countries
A study of journal publication attributes: Some considerations for academics in the information systems discipline Information systems; Citation; Journal; Impact Factor; ISI; Circulation; Article length; Knowledge diffusion
A study of web search trends Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Tag gardening for folksonomy Enrichment and maintenance Social tagging; Folksonomy; Tag gardening; Emergent semantics; Power tags; Tagcare; Knowledge organization system; Knowledge representation; Personomy
Texting tolerance: Computer-mediated interfaith dialogue Interfaith dialogue; Online; Religion; Interreligious discourse; Dialogue; Internet
The new competitive intelligence agents: "Programming" competitive intelligence ethics into corporate cultures Astroturfing; Competitive intelligence; Ethics; Field agent; Mystery shopping; Persona Management; Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
Theories of information behavior (book review) Information behavior; Information behaviour; Theory
Trends in electronic journal publishing in Africa: An analysis of African Journal Online (AJOL) Open access journals; African journals; Electronic journals; Publications; Africa; Scientific products
The turn: Integration of information seeking and retrieval in context (book review) Information seeking; Information retrieval in Context; Information behaviour; Information interaction; Information need
Use of web in tertiary research and education Aboriginal Studies; Indigenous Communities; Use of search engines
Virtual polling data: A social network analysis on a student government election Facebook; Elections; Political; Virtual engagement; Hierarchical linear model
Web 2.0 as a social movement Web 2.0 research and development; Right to communicate; Web 2.0 as social movement; Communication rights
Web-based services expected from libraries: A case study of management institutes in Mumbai city Library portal; Web portals; Management libraries; Web-based services
Web citation behaviour in scholarly electronic journals in the field of library and information science Internet; Electronic Journals; Web-based sources; Web references; Citation analysis; Library and Information Science
Web impact factors for Iranian universities Webometrics; Web Impact Factor (WIF); Link analysis; Journal Impact Factor (JIF); Iranian universities
Web page publishing policy: Developing taxonomy for private higher education settings based on current practice Web page publishing policy; Web hosting; Taxonomies; Categorization
Web search behavior of university students: A case study at University of the Punjab Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines; Universities; Pakistan
Web search: Public searching of the Web (book review) World Wide Web; Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Webometric analysis of Nigerian university web sites University web site; Nigeria; Hyperlinks; Webgraph; Webometrics; World Wide Web
Webotherapy and beyond (editorial) Webotherapy; Internet therapy; E-therapy; Online therapy; World Wide Web; Webtherapy; Psychotherapy
What is not available online is not worth reading? Online access; Open access; Accessibility
Wikipedia popularity from a citation analysis point of view (editorial) Wikipedia; Popularity; Citation Analysis; Encyclopedia

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