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A study of web search trends Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Acquisitions go global: An introduction to library collection management in the 21st century (book review) Library acquisition, Collection management, Collection building, Collection development
Adult friendships in the facebook era Online social networking; Facebook; Friendship; Online/offline relationships
American libraries and the Internet: The social construction of Web appropriation and use (book review) Library; Internet; World Wide Web
Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web Five Laws of Library Science; Ranganathan's Laws; World Wide Web; Five Laws of the Web
Application of social media in marketing of library and information services: A case study from Pakistan Social media; Library marketing; Online marketing; World Wide Web; Web 2.0
Application of social network analysis in interlibrary loan services Interlibrary loan; Information services; Document delivery; Document supply; Interlending; Social network analysis; Iran
Application of web 2.0 tools by national libraries National libraries; Web 2.0; Social media; RSS; Blog; Instant messaging; Social networking; World Wide Web
Application of web 2.0 tools in medical librarianship to support medicine 2.0 Web 2.0; Medicine 2.0; Medical Library 2.0; Medical Librarianship
Asian top universities in six world university ranking systems Asian Universities, Shanghai ranking, QS ranking, THE ranking, HEEACT ranking, Webometrics ranking, Leiden University ranking
An assessment of the accessibility of spatial data from the Internet to facilitate further participation with geographical information systems for novice indigenous users in South Australia Spatial data infrastructures; Social inclusion; International comparison; Internet; Accessibility; Geographical information systems; Australia
Bibliometric analysis of the 'Electronic Library' journal (2000-2010) Electronic Library; Bibliometrics; Content analysis; Scientific journal
Bibliometric analysis of output and visibility of science and technology in Singapore during 2000-2009 Science; Technology; Bibliometric analysis; Scientific publication; Collaboration; Citation analysis; Authorship; Singapore
Bridging the mire between e-research and e-publishing for multimedia digital scholarship in the humanities and social sciences: An Australian case study Digital data chain; Open repositories; Humanities and social sciences; Scholarly e-publishing; Semantic web; Multimedia; Interactivity; Australia
Chemoinformatics and the World Wide Web: An interview with professor Peter Willett Chemoinformatics; Chemiinformatics; Chemical informatics; Chemobioinformatics; Chemical information
Citation Analysis of Journal of Documentation Citation analysis; Journals; Bibliometrics; Journal of Documentation; Scopus
Citation analysis of Library Trends Citation analysis; Journals; Bibliometrics; Print-citations; Electronic-citations
Citation-linking between open access journals Open access journals; Hyperlink; Citation-linking; Reference-linking
Citation relations of theories of human information behaviour Information behaviour; Information seeking behaviour; Theories; Citation analysis; Bibliographic coupling
Citations to highly-cited researchers by their co-authors and their self-citations: How these factors affect highly-cited researchers' h-index in Scopus Highly-cited researchers; Self-citation; Citation analysis; Co-author; H-index; Scopus
Contractual solutions in electronic publishing industry: A comparative study of license agreements Intellectual Property Rights; Copyright; License Agreements; Databases
Correlation between references and citations References; Citations; Correlation
Creating a digital footprint as a means of optimizing the personal branding of librarians in the digital society Digital footprint; Personal branding; Librarians; Digital structural change; Digital society
Cybercrime and the law: An Islamic view Computer Crime; Computer Crime Law; Texas Law; Islamic Law; Cybercrime
Delinking: An exploratory study Delinking; Link analysis; Universities; Colleges; Canada; U.S.
Descriptor and folksonomy concurrence in education related scholarly research Collaborative tagging; Social tagging; Social classification; Knowledge organization; Taxonomies; Folksonomies; Controlled vocabulary; Descriptors
Designing webliographies in an effective and simple manner: A step by step process Webliography; Designing; World Wide Web; Information retrieval
Deterring digital plagiarism, how effective is the digital detection process? Academic dishonesty; Plagiarism; Plagiarism Detection Tool; Text Matching Software; SafeAssignment; Safe Assign
Digital consumers reshaping the information profession (book review) Digital consumers; Information profession
Digital health information for the consumer: Evidence and policy implications (book review) Information literacy, Information professionals, Librarians, Libraries, Digital information, Health information, Consumer
Digital libraries: Principles and practice in a global environment (book review) Digital Libraries; Digital Library
Digital literacies: Concepts, policies and practices (book review) Digital literaciy; Literacy; Digital reading
Digital preservation of cultural heritage collection: Among libraries of India and Iran: A comparative study (book review) Cultural heritage; Digitization; Digital preservation; Iran; India
Digital rights management: A librarian's guide to technology and practice (book review) Digital rights; Digital rights management; Digital management; Librarian
Digitizing resources for University of Nigeria repository: Process and challenges Repository; Digitization; Digitization process; Information resources; Libraries; Nigeria
E-commerce Development in Iran E-Commerce; Iran; E-Government; Information Communication Technology; Developing Countries
E-marketing; unsolicited commercial e-mail; and legal solutions Direct Marketing; Spam; Unsolicited Commercial E-mail; Legal Solutions
Editorial (editorial) Web 2.0; Library 2.0; World Wide Web
Editorial (editorial) World Wide Web; Web search research; Search engines
Educational impact and open access journals (editorial) Educational Impact; Impact Factor; Visibility; Accessibility; Open Access Journals; Reading text; Syllabi
Egyptian and American Internet-based cross-cultural information seeking behavior. Part I: Research instrument Information seeking; Reference librarians; Cross-language information retrieval; Academic and public libraries; Cultural anthropology; Cross-cultural psychology; Global web site design; Online catalog usage; Foreign language anxiety studies
Ensuring the discoverability of digital images for social work education: An online "tagging" survey to test controlled vocabularies Indexing; Digital images; Controlled vocabularies; Folksonomies; Tagging; Taxonomies
Environmental knowledge and marginalized communities: The last mile connectivity Development planning; Environmental issues; Development communication; Barriers to communication; Marginalized communities; Information and communication technologies
Ergonomics of usability/accessibility-ready websites: Tools and guidelines Website accessibility; Cross-cultural usability; Usability guidelines; Usability testing; Readability formulae; User interface design; Local culture; Localized business websites; Globalization
Evaluation of Internet and the Web (editorial) World Wide Web; Search engines; Internet
An evaluation of the websites of charities and voluntary organisations providing support for young people: Case study: Drugscope Website; User studies; Usability; Accessibility; Log analysis; Evaluation
Evidence-based librarianship: Case studies and active learning exercises (book review) Library; Evidence-based
Evidence-based medical librarianship in Iran: An introduction Subject specialist librarians; Subject librarians; Evidence-Based Medical Practice (EBMP); Informationist; Iran
Exploitation of social media among university students: A case study Social media; Social networks; Web 2.0; University students; The Islamia University of Bahawalpur; Pakistan
Folksonomies, the Web and search engines (editorial) Folksonomy; Controlled vocabulary; Controlled languages; Thesaurus; Web 2.0; Collaborative tagging; Bookmarks; Social bookmarking; Social tagging
Folksonomies: Why do we need controlled vocabulary? (editorial) Folksonomy; Controlled vocabulary; Controlled languages; Thesaurus; Web 2.0; Taxonomy; Classification; Collaborative tagging; Bookmarks; Social bookmarking; Social tagging
Foreigners' point of view towards collaboration with Iranian authors Co-authorship; Co-publication; Scientific collaboration; Scientometric; Motivations; Non-Iranian authors; Iran
Freedom of information and abuse of media in the process of globalization Freedom of expression; Freedom of speech; Media; Globalization
Fundamental differences between hyperlinks and citations (editorial) Webometrics; Hyperlink; Link analysis; Link impact; Text Link; Web citation
Gender-specific information search behavior Information search behavior; Search engine; Information seeking behavior; Empirical gender study; Gender differences; Information retrieval
Generating best features for web page classification Feature selection; Subset generation; Subset evaluation; Machine learning; Classification
Geographical distribution of blogs in the United States Weblog; Blog; Geography; Geocoding; United States; Zip code; City; Information retrieval
Getting connected: Can social capital be virtual? Social capital; Virtual activism; Civic engagement; Social cohesion; World Wide Web; Internet access
Global information inequalities: Bridging the information gap (book review) Information inequality; Information gap; Digital divide
Have digital repositories come of age? The views of library directors Institutional repositories; Digital repositories; Open access; Policies; Practices and strategic directions
Hyperlinks and their roles in web information retrieval (editorial) Link analysis; Text Links; Types of Hyperlinks; Backlink; Link impact; Web citation; Webometrics
The HTML title tag and its importance (editorial) HTML; Title tag; Meta tag; Metadata; Web Indexing
How do search engines handle Chinese queries? World Wide Web; Search engines; Chinese language
The human side of reference and information services in academic libraries: Adding value in the digital world (book review) Reference service; Information services; Academic library; University
Identification of the characteristics of e-commerce websites E-commerce websites; Security; Navigation; Website characteristics
The impact of electronic word-of-mouth in the distribution of digital goods Reading; Online reading; Reading practices; Reading choices; Internet surfing; College students
Impact of the Internet surfing on reading practices and choices Social media; Web 2.0; Blogs; Online communities
Increase of precision on the top of the list of retrieved web documents using global and local link Analysis Link analysis; HITS; PageRank; Space Vector Model; Search engines
The indexing companion (book review) Indexing, Index, Indexes, Indices, Indexers
Information and emotion: The emergent affective paradigm in information behavior research and theory (book review) Information behavior, Information, emotion, Affective paradigms
The information literacy cookbook: Ingredients, recipes and tips for success (book review) Information Literacy
Information retrieval and machine learning: Supporting technologies for web mining research and practice Web Information Retrieval; Machine Learning Paradigms; Web mining
Information search strategies on the Internet: A critical component of new literacies Search strategies; Internet; New literacies; Information and Communication Technologies; Digital divide; Literacy skills; Learning technology
Information searching habits of Internet users: A case study on medical sciences University of Isfahan; Iran Internet usage; Internet access; Search engines; Search strategy; Information searching; Browsers; Digital information; Iran
Information seeking behaviour of faculty members of Rajabhat universities in Bangkok Information seeking; Search engines; Information searching; Bangkok; Thailand
The institutional repository (book review) Institutional repositories; Open access; E-print; Pre-print
Institutional repositories: Content and culture in an open access environment (book review) Institutional repositories; Open access; E-print; Pre-print
Intelligent interoperable application for employment exchange system using ontology Interoperable application; distributed application integration; ontology integration; semantic integration; collaborative application; ontology mapping
Interlending & Document Supply: A bibliometric study from 2001 to 2010 Bibliometric; Interlending & Document Supply; Journal analysis; Citation analysis; Document delivery
International actions against cybercrime: Networking legal systems in the networked crime scene Cybercrime; Legal system; International harmonization
Internet and its use in the engineering colleges of Punjab; India: A case study Internet use; Teachers; Students; Punjab; India
Internet abuse among the adolescents: A study on the locale factor Internet; Cyberspace; Blogosphere; Plagiarism
Introduction to Webology Webology; Web science; Web studies; World Wide Web; Web history; -logy
Islamic book and information culture: An overview Islamic book and information culture; Orality; Printing; Publishing in the Middle East; The Arab Awakening; Memorization; Illiteracy; Arabization of science; Information dissemination; Information seeking behavior
Letter to the Editor: 'Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research' (editorial) Scientific collaboration; Scientific research; Quality; Citation
Library 2.0, information and digital literacies in the light of the contradictory nature of Web 2.0 Information literacy; Digital literacy; Amateur content; Professional content; Public libraries; Academic libraries
Library 2.0 theory: Web 2.0 and its implications for libraries Web 2.0; Library 2.0; Blog; Wiki; Streaming media; Social network; Tagging; RSS; Mashup
Library management in electronic environment (book review) Library management; Administration; Electronic environment
Link spam and search engines (editorial) Blog spam; Link spam; Spamming; Search engines
Linked-OWL: A new approach for dynamic linked data service workflow composition Linked data; Linked Data Services; Dynamic Workflow; OWL-S; RDF; SPARQL
LIS open access e-journal - where are you? Open access; Library science; Periodicals; Free e-journals; E-journal indexing
Location-based search engines tasks and capabilities: A comparative study Location-based search; Web search; Geographic search engines
Lost in cyberspace: Where to go? What to believe? Information seeking behavior; Search engines; Students; Education
Managing online identity and diverse social networks on Facebook Online social networking; Facebook; Identity construction; Impression management; Diverse social networks
Marketing of library and information services in global era: A current approach Library services; Information services; Marking; Market; Management
A message to conference / workshop organizers (editorial) World Wide Web; Webology; Web science; Conference; Workshop
Metadata and its impact on libraries (book review) Metadata and Its Impact on Libraries; Dublin Core; GILS; Ariadne; Open Access
Metadata and the Web World Wide Web; Metadata; Resource description; Dublin Core; Semantic Web; Ontology
More effective web search using bigrams and trigrams Web searching; Information need; Relevance feedback; Part-of-speech tagging; Information retrieval
Moving from script to science 2.0 for scholarly communication Scholarly Communication; Open Access; Web 2.0; Open Access 2.0; Science 2.0; OpenWetware; PLoS
Mystery meat revisited: Spam; anti-spam measures and digital redlining Email; Spam; Filtering; Blocking; Digital Divide; Digital Redlining
New competitive intelligence agents: "Programming" competitive intelligence ethics into corporate cultures, The Astroturfing; Competitive intelligence; Ethics; Field agent; Mystery shopping; Persona Management; Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
Nigerian university websites: A webometric analysis Nigerian universities; Websites; Webometric analysis; World Wide Web; Link analysis
A note on Webology journal (editorial) Webology; Web science; Web studies; World Wide Web
An online multi-lingual; multi-faith thesaurus: A progress report on F-THES Online Thesaurus; Mysticism; Sufism; Facet structure
On ontology alignment experiments Ontology alignment; Structural measure; Compound measure; Lexical measure; Sensitivity analysis; Semantic web
Open access to scientific knowledge and feudalism knowledge: Is there a connection? Open access; Feudalism knowledge; Universities; Transnational corporations; Google Scholar; Google Patents
Organising development knowledge: Towards situated classification work on the Web Categories; Classification; Design; Folksonomy; Mapping; Social inclusion; Tags; Web directories; Portal
Overview of ontology servers research Ontology; Ontology server; Ontology tool; Semantic Web
Paradigm shifts: From pre-web information systems to recent web-based contextual information retrieval Traditional information retrieval; Web information retrieval; Contextual information retrieval
The past; present and future of web search research: An interview with Dr. Amanda Spink Web search; Web information retrieval; Web searching; Information retrieval methods; World Wide Web
Perceptions, awareness and acceptance of library 2.0 applications among librarians at the International Islamic University Malaysia Web 2.0; Library 2.0; University libraries; Malaysia
Personal home pages as an information resource Personal Home Pages; Personal Web-pages; Online resources; Web resources
Personalization: An emerging direction for tackling the web searching barriers faced by teachers when searching for educational resources Internet; Personalization; Search Engines; Teachers; Web Searching
A personalized adaptive e-learning approach based on semantic web technology Personalized learning; E-learning; Ontology; Adaptive learning; Semantic web
A Personalized word of mouth recommender model Consumer generated media; Buzz; Text mining; Sentiment analysis; Recommending agent; Self-organizing map
Perspectives of academic web content managers on the effectiveness of web publishing and web hosting policies Web publishing; Hosting policy; Academic web; Universities
Precision and recall of five search engines for retrieval of scholarly information in the field of biotechnology Search engine; Precision and recall; Scholarly information; Structured and unstructured queries; World Wide Web
Proximity rule and Matthew effect in co-authorships of Iranian medical universities Matthew effect; Collaboration; Co-authorship; Proximity; Scientometrics; Medical Universities; Iran
Reply to the Letter to the Editor: 'Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research' (editorial) Scientific collaboration; Scientific research; Quality; Citation
Reshaping digital inequality in the European Union: How psychological barriers affect Internet adoption Rates Internet; Digital divide; European Union; Mass communication; Socio-technological inclusion; Europe
Resource gleaning: From earlier times to the information age Information; Gathering; Research; Publication; Software
Science popularization through open access (editorial) Popularisation of Science; Open Access (OA); Popularity of Science; Popular science
Scientific collaboration and quality of scientific research (editorial) Scientific research collaborations; Research productivity; Top papers; Highly-cited papers
Search engines and power: A politics of online (mis-) information Search engines; Information inequalities; Misinformation; Structural biases; Politics of online information; Google Earth
Search engines and resource discovery on the Web: Is Dublin Core an impact factor? Metadata; Dublin Core; Resource discovery; World Wide Web; Search engines
Shifts in search engine development: A review of past; present and future trends in research on search engines Web searching; Information retrieval; Search engines; Personalization; Localized search; Federated search; Deep Web; Web page structure analysis; Structured data
Similarities and differences between web search procedure and searching in the pre-web information retrieval systems Web information retrieval; Web searching; Information retrieval methods
Situated practices of information use and representation: An ethnographic study of a web design project for boys Youth; Personal Webpages; Internet; New literacies; Information and Communication Technologies; Multiliteracies; Ethnography
Social networking tools and research information systems: Do they compete? Research information; Social networking, Social network
Sociology of the Web (editorial) World Wide Web; Sociology; Social aspects
Stemming and root-based approaches to the retrieval of Arabic documents on the Web World Wide Web; Search engines; Arabic language
Structure and form of folksonomy tags: The road to the public library catalogue Folksonomies; Collaborative tagging; Controlled vocabularies; Guidelines
A study of email spam and how to effectively combat it Spam; Spamming; Unsolicited email; Email pornography; Email ethics; Arab countries
A study of journal publication attributes: Some considerations for academics in the information systems discipline Information systems; Citation; Journal; Impact Factor; ISI; Circulation; Article length; Knowledge diffusion
A study of web search trends Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Tag gardening for folksonomy Enrichment and maintenance Social tagging; Folksonomy; Tag gardening; Emergent semantics; Power tags; Tagcare; Knowledge organization system; Knowledge representation; Personomy
Texting tolerance: Computer-mediated interfaith dialogue Interfaith dialogue; Online; Religion; Interreligious discourse; Dialogue; Internet
The new competitive intelligence agents: "Programming" competitive intelligence ethics into corporate cultures Astroturfing; Competitive intelligence; Ethics; Field agent; Mystery shopping; Persona Management; Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
Teens, librarians, and social networking: What librarians need to know? (book review) Information services; Information technologies; Literacy; Social media; Social networking; Teens; Virtual worlds; Young adults; Public library services; Librarians
Theories of information behavior (book review) Information behavior; Information behaviour; Theory
Trends in electronic journal publishing in Africa: An analysis of African Journal Online (AJOL) Open access journals; African journals; Electronic journals; Publications; Africa; Scientific products
The turn: Integration of information seeking and retrieval in context (book review) Information seeking; Information retrieval in Context; Information behaviour; Information interaction; Information need
University networks in the context of their academic excellence and openness: A comparative study of leading Czech and German universities Multi-dimensional vector analysis; University networks; Czech universities; German universities; University ranking; Open access; Institutional repository
Use of web in tertiary research and education Aboriginal Studies; Indigenous Communities; Use of search engines
Virtual Communities, Social Networks and Collaboration (book review) Virtual communities; Social media; Social networking; Social collaboration; Social awareness; Online communities; Knowledge sharing
Virtual polling data: A social network analysis on a student government election Facebook; Elections; Political; Virtual engagement; Hierarchical linear model
Web 2.0 as a social movement Web 2.0 research and development; Right to communicate; Web 2.0 as social movement; Communication rights
Web-based services expected from libraries: A case study of management institutes in Mumbai city Library portal; Web portals; Management libraries; Web-based services
Web citation behaviour in scholarly electronic journals in the field of library and information science Internet; Electronic Journals; Web-based sources; Web references; Citation analysis; Library and Information Science
Web impact factors for Iranian universities Webometrics; Web Impact Factor (WIF); Link analysis; Journal Impact Factor (JIF); Iranian universities
Web page publishing policy: Developing taxonomy for private higher education settings based on current practice Web page publishing policy; Web hosting; Taxonomies; Categorization
Web search behavior of university students: A case study at University of the Punjab Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines; Universities; Pakistan
Web search: Public searching of the Web (book review) World Wide Web; Web searching; Web information retrieval; Web search behavior; Search engines
Webometric analysis of Nigerian university web sites University web site; Nigeria; Hyperlinks; Webgraph; Webometrics; World Wide Web
Webotherapy and beyond (editorial) Webotherapy; Internet therapy; E-therapy; Online therapy; World Wide Web; Webtherapy; Psychotherapy
What is not available online is not worth reading? Online access; Open access; Accessibility
Wikipedia popularity from a citation analysis point of view (editorial) Wikipedia; Popularity; Citation Analysis; Encyclopedia

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