Volume 3, No 4, 2006

Editorial Sociology of the Web

William W. Bostock


Many young scholars at the start of their careers ask, "How can I get published?" An answer to this problem is provided by the Web, which is in fact academia's rich new frontier, providing many excellent opportunities for publication in journals of the highest standards of peer review, with the additional advantage of being referenced by Google (Wise, 2005). Even so, when the Call for Papers for a Special Edition of Webology on the Sociology of the Web went out, response was not immediately overwhelming. Therefore it was necessary to supplement the Call for Papers with personal contact, but in the end, many excellent contributions came along, of which ten plus one book review were selected after a rigorous review process and will cover two editions of Webology. These explored a wide range of perspectives but all had in common a desire to understand the complex relationship between society and the Web. This said, such a vast topic leaves room for many more discussions of the role of the Web in: science and engineering, medicine and health including mental health, food supply, intercultural understanding, welfare and education, including such specific areas as open access, intellectual property and online encyclopaedias.

Pages: 1-4

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