Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Role Of Law In Banking For National Economic Development

Prihartono Permana Sidik


The banking sector is one area that can develop quickly and assist the national economy while also playing a significant role in national development. What function does law play in banking (banks) in terms of national economic growth? This is a form of fundamental theoretical research. A bank is a business that collects funds from the general public in the form of savings and distributes them to the general public in the form of credit and other forms to improve the general public's standard of life. Banks play a critical and strategic role in the legal growth of the national economy. One of the fundamental tasks of banks as financial service institutions is to transfer cash to people who require business capital through micro, small, and medium firms. The bank indirectly drives the wheels of the economy for the community by distributing cash for the real sector by the regulations.

Pages: 182-187

Keywords: The Role of Law, Banking Law, National Economic Development, Indonesia.

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