Volume 5, No 3, 2008

Tag Gardening for Folksonomy Enrichment and Maintenance

Isabella Peters and Katrin Weller


As social tagging applications continuously gain in popularity, it becomes more and more accepted that models and tools for (re-)organizing tags are needed. Some first approaches are already practically implemented. Recently, activities to edit and organize tags have been described as "tag gardening". We discuss different ways to subsequently revise and reedit tags and thus introduce different "gardening activities"; among them models that allow gradually adding semantic structures to folksonomies and/or that combine them with more complex forms of knowledge organization systems. Moreover, power tags are introduced as tag gardening candidates and the personal tag repository TagCare is presented.

Pages: 1-13

Keywords: Social tagging; Folksonomy; Tag gardening; Emergent semantics; Power tags; Tagcare; Knowledge organization system; Knowledge representation; Personomy

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