Volume 11, No 2, 2014

A discourse analysis technique for charting the flow of interactions in online activity

Leon James and Diane Nahl


The theory of ecological constructionism specifies the interaction framework that integrates information systems with the individual’s psychological operations that conform to group practices in communication and information exchange. Social and communicative interactions always involve these three psycho-biological systems of the individual: sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective. The model does not make use of theories about private hypothetical processes but relies on the ethnomethodological and constructionist approaches by defining unobservable mental processes in terms of variable and unique individual procedures that are managed by the person to count as a communicative act in a social group or work team. Content analysis of samples of different types of user comments are analyzed to show how they provide objectified customer feedback to product designers and businesses about consumers’ feelings, intentions, and attitudes.

Pages: 1-36

Keywords: Content analysis; User comments; Constructionism; Affective; Cognitive; Sensorimotor

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