Volume 11, No 2, 2014

Exploring into regulatory mode for social order in cyberspace

Xingan Li


An increasing necessity for building social order in cyberspace through legal instruments has existed as one of many alternatives to regulate the world dominated by the globally connected Internet. This article discusses legal gaps of cyber-laws among different localities, with special regards to regulation over Internet content, through an approach with emphasis on players in three different steps of data movement that are separately characterized by human-machine, machine-machine and machine-human interaction with different degrees of human intervention. From the features of each stage, it is concluded that official action must be within the ability of the controller so that it can be effective, and that it must also cope with the utility of the controller so that it can be efficient, so that an ability-and-utility-oriented control mode would ideally functions.

Pages: 1-8

Keywords: Social order in cyberspace; Regulation over cyberspace; Ability-and-utility-oriented control (AUOC); Steps in data movement

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