Volume 11, No 2, 2014

Development of a software for computer-linguistic verification of socio-demographic profile of web-community member

Solomia Fedushko


This article considers the current important scientific and applied problem of socio-demographic characteristics validation of virtual community members by computer-linguistic analysis of web-community members' information track. A systematic analysis of the web-members information content and the research of the web-communication specificity of each socio-demographic characteristics value by virtual community content validation for further modeling socio-demographic profiles of web-members are realized. Mathematical models of basic virtual community member socio-demographic characteristics for creating a socio-demographic profile of virtual community member are generated. The method of registration and validation of virtual community member's personal data by checking the maximum amount of virtual community member's data for improving the quality of content and methods of virtual community management is developed. The software for socio-demographic characteristics verification of web-community member, "Socio-demographic profile verifier", is developed, by forming socio-demographic profile of virtual community member that is based on the system building information model of socio-demographic profile of virtual community member for the automation of the verification process of web-custom content.

Pages: 1-14

Keywords: Computer-linguistic analysis; Virtual community; Linguistic and communicative indicator; Socio-demographic marker; Web-community member; Socio-demographic characteristic; World Wide Web

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