Volume 19, No. 2, 2022

Impact Of ELMS-Based CL On The Quality Of Accounting Education

Adeeb Alhebri , Alkebsee Radwan , Alexandros Garefalakis CPA, CMA, CICA, CCS , Ioannis Passas CMA, CICA, CCS , Konstantina Ragazou


The study aims to determine the impact of Cooperative Learning using Blackboard Learn (previously known as the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS)) on the quality of accounting education following the International Education Standards (IESs) and the Saudi Arabian Education Evaluation Commission (EEC) standards. The study adopts an experimental method, applying Blackboard LMS Cooperative Learning on a division of Community College at King Khalid University and comparing two different divisions. The first uses the classroom-based Cooperative Learning technique (for one) and the traditional classroom lecture technique (for the other). The results demonstrate the impact of Blackboard-Based Cooperative Learning on the quality of accounting education. However, this impact is more due to the nature of Cooperative Learning than the type of Cooperative Learning.

Pages: 4833-4854

Keywords: Cooperative Learning, Electronic Learning Management System, Accounting Education, Quality of Accounting Education, Blackboard, Accounting.

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