Volume 9, No 1, 2012

Bibliometric analysis of output and visibility of science and technology in Singapore during 2000- 2009

Shushan Rana


The main focal point of this paper lies on the appraisal of rising national scientific output in Singapore with the help of bibliometric indicators. This study presents the analysis of 83,439 papers that were published in different ISI-listed periodicals between 2000 and 2009. This study covers year-wise scientific output where Singapore produced an average of more than 8,000 scientific papers per year. Alone in 2008, Singapore produced 10,870 papers, the largest year-wise output during the period reviewed. Along with the discipline-specific publication and citation behaviors of Singapore, some prolific research partners and the dominance of multiauthorship over single-authorship have also been analyzed. The way of communication between the scientists in Singapore has been elaborated with the help of document types and the formats where over 61% of research results were published as articles.

Pages: 1-12

Keywords: Science; Technology; Bibliometric analysis; Scientific publication; Collaboration; Citation analysis; Authorship; Singapore

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