Volume 15, No 2, 2018

Constructing an Innovative Model of International Security in Information Society

Xingan Li


The purpose of the article is to explore into methodological potentials to understand international security in the information society. The article applied renovated Weberian model of social control, adding informability to formal rationality and establishing a three-dimensional coordinate system. The background of contemporary international security is a transition from pre-information society to the information society. Based on informability, to contemporary international security are posed multiple challenges, to which ideal models of informed formal rationality can provide explanatory solutions. Some of the most innovative topics in international security can be spotted. The article is concluded with optimistic view with application of this updated model in understanding international security.

Pages: 11-26

Keywords: International security; International policy; International law; International politics; Geopolitics; Collective security; Informed formal rationality

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