Volume 17, No 2, 2020

Export Determinants: A Function for Competitive Advantages An Applied Study in Jordanian Medicament Companies

Dr. Abed Alsttar Mustafa Assayah


The study aimed at testing the effect of export determinants on the competitive advantages from the point of view of a sample that consists of (194) personnel working for Jordanian medicament companies. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, a sample clarifying the relations and the effects between the variants of the study was designed, from which two hypotheses were derived: one is concerned with correlations and the other is related to the effects. The relations were tested based on Spearman Correlation Coefficient and the effect of the Multiple Linear Regression with a confidence interval estimations of about P≤0.05. An analysis of the results and its interpretation has proved that: 1- There is a strong inverse relation with a moral correlation coefficient (rs = 0.91) between export determinants and competitive advantages. 2- Counting on the export determinants as a function for the competitive advantages as the Regression sample R2 has showed that 74.8% of contrast of the competitive advantages is attributed to the export determinants.

Pages: 44-64

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I2/WEB17015

Keywords: Export Determinants, Competitive Advantages, Foreign Medicament Companies.

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