Volume 17, No 2, 2020

Cyber Crimes against the State: A Study on Cyber Terrorism in India

Dr.T. Ambika and Dr.K. Senthilvel


The computer and network are utilized each and every aspect of humans wherein the internet gives equal opportunities for every aspect of human development. As the client of the internet becomes progressively differing and the scope of online communication extends, there is development in the digital violations for example break of online agreements, execution of online torts and violations, and so forth. The development of computer technology has many times proved that individuals and some groups in the country are using computer technology to threaten international governments and citizens of a country. This research paper clarifies the different types of cyber crime descriptively and particularly analyze cyber crimes against the state.

Pages: 65-72

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I2/WEB17016

Keywords: Cyber Space, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crimes against State, Cyber War, Cyber Terrorism in India, Indian Law on Cyber Terrorism.

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