Volume 15, No 2, 2018

Ontology Driven Software Development for Automated Documentation

M.P.S. Bhatia, Akshi Kumar and Rohit Beniwal


Recent outsourcing /off-shoring software development practices testify that any development done without a proper sharing mechanism leads to the generation of inconsistent information, which further results in an undesired, error-prone software. Further, with the business process automation, a significant way to minimize human effort involves various development, support and maintenance activities to reuse available information. Thus, reusing and sharing information in a standardized way is the key operative challenges which foster the need to identify and exploit novel knowledge-based frameworks. The proposed research provides a tool-based solution to automate the software documentation process using ontologies. This multi-phase framework has overall six phases where each phase output contributes to the final automated documentation. To evaluate the extent of automated documentation it is compared using free and open source software known as WCopyfind to the existing manual documentation for a Result Management System case study. Preliminary results show a highest automation of 60 percent, which is clearly noteworthy.

Pages: 86-112

Keywords: Automatic documentation; Ontology; Ontology driven; Semantic Web; Software’s documentation; Software engineering

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