Volume 18, No 1, 2021

A Relative Reference Responsive LRU based Page Replacement Algorithm for NAND Flash Memory

Hitha Paulson and Dr.R. Rajesh


The acceptance of NAND flash memories in the electronic world, due to its non-volatility, high density, low power consumption, small size and fast access speed is hopeful. Due to the limitations in life span and wear levelling, this memory needs special attention in its management techniques compared to the conventional techniques used in hard disks. In this paper, an efficient page replacement algorithm is proposed for NAND flash based memory systems. The proposed algorithm focuses on decision making policies based on the relative reference ratio of pages in memory. The size adjustable eviction window and the relative reference based shadow list management technique proposed by the algorithm contribute much to the efficiency in page replacement procedure. The simulation tool based experiments conducted shows that the proposed algorithm performs superior to the well-known flash based page replacement algorithms with regard to page hit ratio and memory read/write operations.

Pages: 62-76

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18I1/WEB18027

Keywords: NAND Flash Memory, LRU, Page Replacement Memory, Flash-DBSim.

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