Volume 1, No 1, 2004

Designing Webliographies in an Effective and Simple Manner: A Step by Step Process

Dariush Alimohammadi


This paper explains web-based information retrieval as one of the main research interests of information professionals during the last decade, and introduces machine-oriented and humanoriented approaches in the designing process of Internet search tools and concerns with the second approach as a basis for the discussion. Then it defines the concept of webliography as a special type human-edited search tools. It is in fact an enumerative list of hypertext links and a gateway to the scientific sources of information on the Net, whether annotated or not. The existence and development of webliographies on the Net are justified based on a brief literature review. 14 phases of webliography production process are also enumerated step by step and a conclusion is provided finally.

Pages: 1-6

Keywords: Webliography, Designing, World Wide Web, Web Information retrieval, Internet

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