Volume 18, No 1, 2021

Resolving Interoperability Issues of Date with Null Value and Collection of Complex Data Types by Using JADE-WSIG Framework

Jaspreet Chawla and Anil Kr. Ahlawat


In today’s world, the internet and distributed computing make things so convenient that web services can be easily built and fetch from any platform. Web services are loosely coupled, interoperable, and heterogeneous hence they help to connect web applications of different languages. Interoperability is the major factor while transferring web services from one platform to another platform.WS-I basic profile 1.0/1.1 organization provides guidelines to achieve interoperability of web services at a basic level but still, issues arise at a complex level. In this paper, we have discussed and shown the result of two interoperability issues i.e. Date with Null value and Collection of Complex data types of web services using JAVA and.NET environment. In the first issue.NET treat NULL as a value type and JAVA treats NULL as reference type in date-time data type. So, whenever a JAVA client fetches a web service built in.NET it will show a parsable error. In the second issue, a web service data structure contains elements of any type. Whenever, a web service built with the ‘ArrayOfAnyType’ data structure, it can be easily mapped to a.NET client but not to JAVA client. Hence, a data type mismatch issue arises here. To resolve these inter-platform issues, we have used JADE-WSIG as middleware between web services and agent-technology.

Pages: 263-284

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18I1/WEB18088

Keywords: Web service, Date with Null Value, Complex Data Types, Agent Technology JADE-WSIG.

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