Volume 18, No 1, 2021

The Sentiments Analysis of Donald Trump and Jokowi’s Twitters on Covid-19 Policy Dissemination

Rahmad Agus Dwianto, Achmad Nurmandi and Salahudin Salahudin


As Covid-19 spreads to other nations and governments attempt to minimize its effect by introducing countermeasures, individuals have often used social media outlets to share their opinions on the measures themselves, the leaders implementing them, and the ways in which their lives are shifting. Sentiment analysis refers to the application in source materials of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analytics to identify and classify subjective opinions. The reason why this research uses a sentiment case study towards Trump and Jokowi's policies is because Jokowi and Trump have similarities in handling Covid-19. Indonesia and the US are still low in the discipline in implementing health protocols. The data collection period was chosen on September 21 - October 21 2020 because during that period, the top 5 trending on Twitter included # covid19, #jokowi, #miglobal, #trump, and #donaldtrump. So, this period is most appropriate for taking data and discussing the handling of Covid-19 by Jokowi and Trump. The result shows both Jokowi and Trump have higher negative sentiments than positive sentiments during the period. Trump had issued a controversial statement regarding the handling of Covid-19. This research is limited to the sentiment generated by the policies conveyed by the US and Indonesian Governments via @jokowi and @realDonaldTrump Twitter Account. The dataset presented in this research is being collected and analyzed using the Brand24, a software-automated sentiment analysis. Further research can increase the scope of the data and increase the timeframe for data collection and develop tools for analyzing sentiment.

Pages: 389-405

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18I1/WEB18096

Keywords: Social Media, Covid-19 Policy, Sentiment Analysis, Brand24.

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