Volume 1, No 1, 2004

Similarities and differences between Web search procedure and searching in the pre-web information retrieval systems

Yazdan Mansourian


This paper presents an introductory discussion about the commonalities and dissimilarities between Web searching procedure and the searching process in the previous online information retrieval systems including classic information retrieval systems and database. The paper attempts to explain which factors make these two groups different, why investigating about the search process on the Web environment is important, how much we know about this procedure and what are the main lines of research in front of the researchers in this area of study and practice. After presenting the major involved factor the paper concludes that although information seeking process on the Web is fairly similar to the pre-web systems in some ways, there are notable differences between them as well. These differences may provide Web searcher and Web researchers with some opportunities and challenges.

Pages: 1-5

Keywords: Web information retrieval, Web searching, Information retrieval methods

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