Volume 21, No. 2, 2024

Food Relationship Discourses Produced By The Finnish Food Bloggers – A PERMA-Based Analysis

Riikka Partanen & Satu Uusiautti


This research investigated how food bloggers produce discourses about well-being and their relationship with food. The research question set for this research is: How does well-being appear in the food bloggers’ discourses of their relationship with food? Two data sets were obtained: The first data collection comprised 16 bloggers (10 women and six men), who had written food blog articles in November 2017. The second data set included an email survey among the food bloggers (N=19). The data were analyzed using the discourse analysis method based on the PERMA theory. The findings showed how multidimensional a picture of well-being can be achieved when analyzing food-related discourses. More research is needed to understand further the educational uses of well-being-related discourses in social media.

Pages: 142-156

Keywords: discourse analysis; social media; food blogging; bloggers; relationship with food; well-being; PERMA theory.

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