Volume 17, No 1, 2020

Effect of Continuous Improvement of Information Technology Applications on E-Costumer Behavior in Social Media

Anaam Abdulzahra Meteab, Arcelan S. Sadiq, Hamad Karem Hadrawi


A continual improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. Delivery processes are evaluated and improved through continual customer evaluation in the light of efficiency and effectiveness, especially for e-customers active on social media. For this and much more, studies highlight the importance of adopting technological applications to improve business and influence customer behavior. This study also investigates the effect of continuous improvement of information technology applications on e-customer behavior; the results of the experimental study are based on the samples of the social media users in Iraq. The model was tested through structural modeling method, and the results proved that technological applications should be adopted to influence e-customer behavior.

Pages: 19-29

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a205

Keywords: Information Access; Applications; Automation; Employment opportunities

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