Volume 19, No. 1, 2022

Examination of Hotel Management Aspirants' Perspectives Towards A Career in the Technologically Inclined Hospitality Sector—Special Reference to the Housekeeping Industry

Priyanka Verma, Dr. Malini Singh and Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal


The Indian travel & hospitality industry has exponentially developed and has the substantial potential of the amazing social and chronicled legacy, landscapes, and places of natural characteristic excellence spread over the nation. The Indian hospitality and travel industry helps the nation in generating revenue and plays a highly significant role in creating sources of foreign exchange. 39 million opportunities for new jobs were created in 2020. Moreover, the no. of jobs will be increased to 52.3 million in the travel industry of India by 2028. Covid19 has a severely deleterious influence on the educational system of the entire world. Thus, the entire educational platforms i.e. from kindergarten to the universities have been shut down due to the high density of population to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Propitiously, having gained the experience from the epidemic 2003 SARS, educationalists of the hospitality world are ceaselessly changing reaction activities to the obscure pandemic situation and applying their best to keep up the activity of the training framework. The study investigates 443 students of hospitality management which are in the final year of their graduation. Thus, this paper is an attempt to understand the perception of hotel management aspirants’, with special focus given to the housekeeping department.

Pages: 2279-2293

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V19I1/WEB19155

Keywords: Career, Perception, Hospitality Industry, Hotel Management Aspirants, Housekeeping Industry.

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