Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing

Volume 18, Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing, 2021

Editor: Dr. Hailong yao


Submission Deadline: 15-12-2020

Publication Date: 30-01-2021


This special publication aims to gather researchers and practitioners working in the same field, discuss challenges, share original research works and practical experiences, and make the latest and most innovative contributions.

Artificial intelligence equips cloud computing with tremendous power. The combination of cloud computing and AI has acquired a major shift in the world of information technology and various industries, and is seen as a way forward. It is believed that the ability to store and process data across different geographies has the potential to change the way it is used. AI may be the technology that will revolutionize cloud computing solutions. It also provides a unique opportunity for the cloud and artificial intelligence expert to explore the endless possibilities of the future. However, artificial intelligence and cloud computing raise many research challenges.

Knowledge-based systems Artificial Intelligence tools and applications Multimedia and cognitive informatics Natural language processing Pattern recognition Data mining and machine learning tools in cloud computing Heuristic and AI planning strategies and tools Hybrid intelligent systems in the cloud Intelligent system architectures Agent-based and multi-agent systems Big data capture, representation and analytics Constraint satisfaction, search and optimization Data mining and knowledge discovery in the cloud Machine learning and application in cloud computing Cloud computing architecture and systems Cloud computing models, simulations, designs, and paradigms Dynamic resource provision and consuming Cloud computing technologies, services and applications Security evaluation and benchmarks based on cloud Security policy, security theory and models based on big data Edge Computing and Distributed Cloud.

All papers are refereed through a peer review process. All papers must be submitted online or send to below mentioned mail id:

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