Special Issue on Information Retrieval and Web Search

Volume 18, Special Issue on Information Retrieval and Web Search, 2021

Editor: Dr. Yuliansyah

Email: dr.yulianshah@gmail.com

Submission Deadline: 25-12-2020

Publication Date: 30-01-2021


The theme of this special issue highlights the need for and importance of analyzing Information Retrieval and Web Search. This special issue seeks to collect high-quality research papers reporting recent developments, ideas, methods, and empirical findings that have the potential to stimulate collaboration and expand our knowledge in this field. Disseminate scientific, theoretical or applied research in the field of Information Retrieval and Web Search, to aqueduct the significant gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research, to seek original and unpublished research papers based on theoretical or experimental works for the publication globally in the field of Computer, Communication and Information Technology, Data Analysis, Data Retrieval, Data Analytics in Engineering Science and Management. Hopefully this issue will built platform for upcoming researchers to have a detailed study in Innovation of new technologies and strategies.

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