Volume 17, No 1, 2020

Review of Iranian Journal Articles Indexed in Web of Science Based on Altmetric Indicators in Scientific Social Media

Ameneh Shenavar and Abbas Doulani

Pages: 158-170

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a214

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Information Ecology of Bioinformatic in Web of Science with Emphasizing on Articles Thematic Interaction

Masoume Kiani, Asefeh Asemi, Mozaffar CheshmehSohrabi and Ahmad Shabani

Pages: 171-190

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a215

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Environmental Literacy and Accountability of Undergraduate Students of Medical Sciences

Roghayeh Ershad Sarabi, Mohmmadhiwa Abdekhoda, Afsaneh Dehnad and Golnoosh Khajouei

Pages: 191-201

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a216

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Effect of Green Marketing Instruments and Behavior Processes of Consumers on Purchase and Use of E-books

Atefeh Farzin, Saba Yousefi, Sepideh Amieheidari and Alireza Noruzi

Pages: 202-215

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a217

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Information Visualization to Support the Decision-Making Process in the Context of Academic Management

Zakieh Piri, Taha Samad-Soltani, Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Elahi and Hero Khezri

Pages: 216-226

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a218

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Digital Era in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Novel Strategies of the Telecom Service Providers Companies

Arun Kumar Singh and Samidha Dwivedi Sharma

Pages: 227-245

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/a219

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A Web service recommendation system based on QoS attribute based collaborative filtering

S. Aruna and P. Abinaya

Pages: 246-254

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/WEB17001

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Software planning and scheduling in software management

Suresh Chandra Akula

Pages: 255-259

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/WEB17002

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A Novel Hybrid Algorithm to Classify Spam Profiles in Twitter

R. Krithiga and Dr.E. Ilavarasan

Pages: 260-279

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/WEB17003

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Nouveau Shoppers Buying Behavior Pattern and Perception Towards Luxury Brands

Dr.R. Kavitha

Pages: 280-296

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V17I1/WEB17004

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