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Volume 3, Number 4, December, 2006
Table of Contents
Special Issue on Sociology of the Web


    Ball Sociology of the Web
            William W. Bostock


    Ball Geographical Distribution of Blogs in the United States
            Jia Lin, & Alex Halavais

    Ball Egyptian and American Internet-Based Cross-Cultural Information Seeking Behavior. Part I: Research Instrument
            Paul L. Hover

    Ball Reshaping Digital Inequality in the European Union: How Psychological Barriers Affect Internet Adoption Rates
            Homero Gil-de-Zuniga

    Ball Getting Connected: Can Social Capital be Virtual?
            Megan Alessandrini

    Ball Texting Tolerance: Computer-Mediated Interfaith Dialogue
            Ally Ostrowski

    Ball More Effective Web Search Using Bigrams and Trigrams
            David Johnson, Vishv Malhotra, & Peter Vamplew

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