Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Assessment In Online Education: Strategies And Challenges

Kiran Rani , Kheraj , Suman Devi

Pages: 6219-6237

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Second Hankel Determinent For Certain Classes Of Univalent Functions Leading To Starlike And Other Classes

Gurmeet Singh , Misha Rani

Pages: 6238-6249

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Design Of High Performance Wireless Sensors Using Data Accumulation Technique

Ms.P.Karthikeyani , Dr.P.Arul

Pages: 6250-6256

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Fekete-Szegö Inequality For Subclasses Of A New Class Of Analytic Functions Involving Integral Operator

Preet Pal Singh , Gurmeet Singh

Pages: 6257-6267

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Legal Status Of Surrogacy In Islam (A Critical Analysis In View Of Jurisprudence Ruling)

Dr. Mohsin Raza , Dr. Fouzia Batool , Dr. Sada Hussain Alvi , Dr. Farhad Ahmad Bhatti , Dr. Ghulam Safoora , Dr. Ghous Uddin Khan

Pages: 6268-6277

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A Study Of Diasporic Experiences In Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Jasmine

Dr. Shweta Singh , Khushhali

Pages: 6278-6283

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Cultural, Linguistic And Sociolinguistic Aspects Of Fiction: A Study On Interpretive Frames

Dr. Rizwan Aftab , Dr. Atia Anwar Zoon , Dr. Muhammad Abdullah

Pages: 6284-6298

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Language Shift At Intermediate Level And Its Impact On Students’ Interest For Learning: A Case Study Of Karachi

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah , Dr. Ayyaz Mahmood , Dr. Atia Anwar Zoon

Pages: 6299-6308

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Ideological Interactions And Spiritual Healing: A Dialogic Reading Of Mahfouz’s Short Story Zaabalawi

Dr. Amna Saeed , Dr. Farhat Nisar , Sana Rabbani

Pages: 6309-6317

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Analyses Of Scale Free Models And Inter-Disciplinary Applications

Pearl Antil , Amita Malik

Pages: 6318-6335

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The Native Informant In Okot P' Bitek's Song Of Lawino: A Postcolonial Study

Dr. Syeda Sadaf Munir Kazmi , Dr. Ishaq Khan , Khalid Usman

Pages: 6336-6343

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Cluster Based Malicious Node Detection Method In Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Saminathan , Dr. A.Vinayagam

Pages: 6344-6355

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Physical And Psychological Impacts Of COVID-19 On Elderly People

Prof. Dr. Farah Iqbal , Ms Mahrukh Amjad , Dr. Ammad Zafar

Pages: 6356-6364

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Utilization Of Google Sites In Learning To Draw Makassar Cultural Ornaments (RHBM) Through Contextual Learning Models

Sitti Suryani , Arifin Ahmad , Muhammad Yahya , Pangeran Paita Yunus

Pages: 6365-6374

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Practical Skill Competencies Of Vocational High School Students Based On Cooperative Learning Types Of Student Team Achievement Divisions (STAD)

Eni Hartati , Syamsul Bachri Thalib , Mustafa

Pages: 6375-6383

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Needs Analysis Of Traditional Game-Based Physical Education, Sports And Health Learning Models: Is It Important To Use?

Nurhikmah , Husain Syam , Abdul Saman

Pages: 6384-6396

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Emotional Intelligence As Mediator Between Insecure Attachment, Social Support And Subjective Well-Being Among Women With Infertility

Dr. Anila Sadaf , Prof. Dr Syeda Shahida Batool

Pages: 6397-6413

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Religious Fanaticism As A Contributing Factor To Continued Religious Violence Among University Of Sokoto Students

Ugwu, Ikenga Patrick , Olisa Anthony Enweonwu , Emerho Godstime Emerson , Onyejegbu, Dominic Chukwuemeka , AREH, Chinwe Edith , John Thompson Okpa

Pages: 6414-6425

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Impact Of Seo Strategies On Type Of Company In India

Ms. Chetna Sawant , Dr. Deepak Shrivastava

Pages: 6426-6438

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A Review And Analysis Of The Role Of Machine Learning Techniques To Predict Health Risks Among Women During Menopause

Ms P. Lakshmi and Dr M. Lalli

Pages: 6439-6450

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Preferences Of Library Services By The Faculty Members Of Colleges Of Education In Tamil Nadu

M. Rajamansingh , Dr.A.Manoharan

Pages: 6451-6456

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An Analysis Of Crop Diversification In Haryana

Prof. Santosh Nandal , Akshu

Pages: 6457-6463

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Trend Analysis Of Non-Performing Assets In Non-Banking Financial Institution

Joseph Antony P , Dr. Vinita Mittal

Pages: 6464-6478

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Gain Ratio With Optimization Based Feature Selection Method


Pages: 6479-6491

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Gender-Based Objectification In Commercial Advertisements: A Socio-Cultural Analysis

Saood Khan , Imdad Ullah Khan , Maryam Sarwar , Sana Gul

Pages: 6492-6506

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