Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Mediation Role Of Innovativeness Between Knowledge Acquisition And Performance: An Insight From Algeria

Aichouche Mohammed El Hafedh , Tamma Elhachemi

Pages: 7817-7827

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A Case Study Of Clustering And Classification Methods For Big Data Analysis In Distributed Environment

Yukti Kashyap , Dr. Mayank Singh Parihar

Pages: 7828-7835

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Socioeconomic And Psychological Determinants Of Runaway Among Street Children: A Thematic Review

Dr. Wahida Anjum, Faisal Mumtaz Chahal, Syed Messum Ali Kazmi, Ms. Saba Ehsaan, Dr. Zainab Qazi, Dr. Sarfraz Mahmood

Pages: 7836-7851

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A Study On Customer Engagement On Online Marketing


Pages: 7852-7858

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Impact Of Responsiveness On Customer Satisfaction In Telecommunication Sector


Pages: 7859-7865

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Modeling The Data Analytic Approach For Efficient Activity Classification And Clustering

Syed Umar , Cherukuri Roopa Chowdary , Bezawada Neha Chowdary , Talasila Sri Harsha , Kondepudi Srikar Sai

Pages: 7866-7877

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Consumer Awareness On Cloud Marketing


Pages: 7878-7886

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Pattern Of Social Media Usage During Covid-19 Sentiment Analysis Of Twitter; A Study Of China, India And Pakistan

Nadia Saleem , Saba Sadiq , Tayyaba Saeed

Pages: 7887-7896

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The Multi-Dimensional Effects Of Globalisation On The Global-South: A Focus On The Nigerian State

Udeuhele, G. I. , Nkwede, J. O. , Ibiam, O. E. , Agudiegwu, O. M. , Okechukwu, G. , Otu, E. C. , Obona, E. E. , Nwobu, C. C. , Nwigwe, C. N. , Nwokike, I. K. , Nnanyere, C. O. , Akumah, B. I. , Offor, E. O. , & Nkwede, F. E.

Pages: 7897-7911

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Analysis Of Novel Serverless Computing Technique For Auto-Scaling And Cost Prediction

Pooja Kumari Jha , Dr Deepika Pathak

Pages: 7912-7920

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Role Of Translanguaging In Language Learning At Undergraduate Level In Hazara Division

Maria Jabeen , Muhammad Sohaib , Iqra Maheen , Murad Khan

Pages: 7921-7930

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Bihu As A Sub-Nationalist Performance: Reading Its Representation From The Bihu Vcds Of 2000’s

Manaswinee Mahant , Tirtharaj Gohain

Pages: 7931-7944

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The Method Of Propagating Islam Among Non-Muslims And The Ratio Of Converts To Islam

Hafiz Abdullah Haroon , Muhammad Ikramullah , Muhammad Hayat Khan , Junaid Akbar

Pages: 7945-7961

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Implication Of UNCAT On Pakistani Law: Critical Analysis

Muhammad Haseeb , Hidayat Ur Rehman , Mrs. Nadia Noreen , Muzamil Shah , Muhammad Aqeel Khan , Kainat BiBi

Pages: 7962-7967

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Security And Energy In A Wireless Body Area Network: A Protocol Evaluation

P. Madhuri Paul , Dr Prasadu Peddi

Pages: 7968-7976

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Survey Of Iot Threats And Countermeasures: Identifying Solutions And Addressing Future Challenges

Pushpa Latha Thumma , Dr Prasadu Peddi

Pages: 7977-7982

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An Analysis Of Edge-Cloud Computing Networks For Computation Offloading

Naga Lakshmi Somu , Dr Prasadu Peddi

Pages: 7983-7994

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Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms Using Python Technology

Neha Purohit and Dr. Rajeev G. Vishwakarma

Pages: 7995-8006

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Optimized Deep Learning Approach For The Segmentation Of Brain Tissue

Research Scholar – Bhavna Arora , Research Guide –Dr. Pankaj Jadhav

Pages: 8007-8017

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History-Based Dynamic Test Case Prioritization For Requirement Properties In Regression Testing

Dr.Harsh Pratap Singh , Dr. B.Kavitha Rani , Appari Pavan Kalyan

Pages: 8018-8034

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Molana Maududi’s Concept Of Establishment Of Religion (An Analytical Study)

Dr.Hafiz Muhammad Imran , Dr.Muhammad Iqbal Khan , Dr. Hafiz Sajid Anwar , Dr.Muhammad Hafeez Tahir

Pages: 8035-8047

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Deep Learning Techniques For Paddy Plant Disease Detection In Agricultural Research

Jeya Bharathi R. and Dr. Arpana Bharani

Pages: 8048-8060

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From Knowledge Management To Job Satisfaction: Analysing The Role Of Organizational Commitment In Public Hospitals

Syed Majid Khalil , Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan , Syed Mohsin Ali Shah , Syed Haider Khalil , Fahad Sultan , Wisal Ahmad

Pages: 8061-8075

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Mediating Effect Of Rational Transparency Between Work-Family Conflict And In-Role Performance

Asghar Ali , Naeem Ullah , Dr. Muhammad Imran Shah , Abdul Manan Tauqeer , Munawar Fatima Kundi ,Dr. Shabir Ahmad

Pages: 8076-8091

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The Impact Of Operational Risk Management And Food Safety Policy On The Organizational Performance Of Dairy Firms In Egypt

Yasser Abdelmoaty Abdelhamid Youssef , Dr. Aiman Ahmed Rageb , Dr. Mohamed El Mokadem , Dr. Nevien Khourshed

Pages: 8092-8115

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