Volume 18, No. 6, 2021




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Diagnosis Of Uterus Cervical Cancer Using MRI Images With Cnn Compared With ANFIS Approach

Dr. Rajasekaran.S , Mrs. Hemalatha.B , Dr .Neduncheliyan.S

Pages: 1-9

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A Research Overview Of Smart Technologies In Communication Networks Backed With Artificial Intelligence To Support Sophisticated Optimization And Reliability

Girija Narasimhan , Rachana Marathe

Pages: 10-20

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Learners’ Perception Of Using Microsoft Teams Predicted By Technology Acceptance Model At University Of Technology And Applied Sciences, Oman

Dr. Jayaron Jose , Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose

Pages: 21-32

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Structural Health Monitoring Of Power Line Using Bragg Sensor

Dr.Senthil Kumar , Dr.Kavitha Thandapani , Asritha Manju Immadisetty , Ruchitha Chilukuri

Pages: 33-43

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Role Of Data Science And Machine Learning In Education: A Predictive Analysis For Students’ Performance In Sultanate Of Oman

Rana Tarannum Ansari , Kishore Kumar P. K

Pages: 44-58

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Generating Frequent Pattern Mining From Big Datasets Using Hybrid Apriori And Genetic Algorithm

B.Bazeer Ahamed , D.Yuvaraj

Pages: 59-69

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Perception Of Satisfaction In Their Job, In Nursing Professionals And Assistants During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Colombia

Eustorgio José Amed Salazar , Laura Vanessa Osorio Contreras , Marinella Álvarez Borrero

Pages: 70-81

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Design Of An Agrivoltaic System Using 4.0 Technologies For Agricultural Farms On The Colombian Caribbean Coast

Javier E. Sierra , Alejandro Guerrero , Jose A. Araque

Pages: 82-93

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Design Of A Photovoltaic System For An Educational Institution On The Colombian Caribbean Coast

Javier Enrique Arroyo , José López , Javier E. Sierra

Pages: 94-107

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Design Of A Prototype For Monitoring And Control Of Variables Of A Tomato Crop With Technologies Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Jhon Bayron Perez , Javier E. Sierra , María F. Sierra

Pages: 108-118

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Reliability Assessment Of A Photovoltaic Distributed Generation System Using The Universal Generating Function

José López , Boris A. Medina , Javier E. Sierra

Pages: 119-135

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Women From Ovejas – Sucre, Colombia, Weavers Of Peace In Times Of Transition

Santander De La Ossa Guerra , Geanny Rendón Blanco , Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Pages: 136-145

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Energy Financing Competitiveness Contribution In The Business Sector

William Niebles Nuñez , Lorena Hoyos Babilonia , Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Pages: 146-168

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Impact Of Perceived Security And Perceived Trust On Intention To Use Digital Payments – A Study On Indian Customers


Pages: 169-181

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Role Of Law In Banking For National Economic Development

Prihartono Permana Sidik

Pages: 182-187

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Analysis Of Banking Law Countercyclical Policy On Economic Sustainability In Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak


Pages: 188-199

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A Holistic Eclectic Approach To Land Law In Indonesia

Widhi Handoko

Pages: 200-208

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Progressive Justice-Based Prevention Of Illegal Fishing Policy Reform

Akhmad Khisni

Pages: 209-224

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Gastronomic Symbolism In Ulysses

Mariah Ben Abraham

Pages: 225-231

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Generating Frequent Pattern Mining From Big Datasets Using Hybrid Apriori And Genetic Algorithm

B.Bazeer Ahamed , D.Yuvaraj

Pages: 232-242

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The Interaction Model Of Brand Loyalty On Facebook : A Case Study Of Roshan Telecom Company In Afghanistan

Mohammad Faiq Latoon , Afsar Sadiq Shinwari , Sayed Samiullah Saeedi

Pages: 243-268

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Women’s Empowerment Through Digital Media

Smitha K

Pages: 269-273

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Optimised Delay And Basic Safety Messages In Fog Computing Using Extended Grey Wolf Optimisation (Egwo)

Savita Lohat , Rajender Kumar and Sheilza Jain

Pages: 274-287

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An Integrated Stock Model For Purchaser – Seller With Price Discount And Shortage

M. K. Vediappan and R. Kamali

Pages: 288-294

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