Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Analyzing Adrian Henri’s Poems “Tonight At Noon” And “Any Prince To Any Princess”: The Surrealism Approach

Dr. Husnat Ahmed Tabssam , Tayyaba Fatima , Dr. Saima Akhtar

Pages: 6853-6858

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Modified AES Optimization Strategies With Hierarchical Security For Internet-Of-Thing Applications

Rekha C , Krishnamurthy G.N

Pages: 6859-6875

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Optimal HMM Based Recommendation System For Teaching Faculty

Kapil Chourey and Atul D. Newase

Pages: 6876-6883

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Big Data Analytics For Sentiment Analysis From The Reviews And Feedbacks Of E-Commerce Portal

Chetan Kumar Soni and Atul D. Newase

Pages: 6884-6895

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The Automatic Diagnosis Systems For Detecting Glaucoma In Fundus Images Using Fusion GLCM And CNN Techniques

K.Subha , Dr. S.Kother Mohideen

Pages: 6896-6911

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Pages: 6912-6923

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A Survey On Security And Privacy In Blockchain And Software Defined Network

Mrs. G.Indumathi , Dr. B.S.E.Zoraida

Pages: 6924-6934

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Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Sports Competitions Strategies Of Female Rugby Players

Saima Rasheed , Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum

Pages: 6935-6948

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Impact Of Anxiety On Performance Of Taekwondo Athlete Through Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

Hira Tahir , Yasmeen Iqbal , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum, Saima Parveen , Tuba Mushtaq

Pages: 6949-6961

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The Effect Of Setting Technique On Sports Performance In Volleyball

Saima Parveen , Yasmeen Iqbal , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum , Tuba Mushtaq , Hira Tahir

Pages: 6962-6972

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Evaluating the Nature of Cyber Warfare between Pakistan and India

Summar Iqbal Babar , Muhammad Nadeem Mirza , Irfan Hasnain Qaisrani

Pages: 6973-6985

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Virtual Assistant System: A Machine Learning Approach

Lokesh Kumar Sharma , Jyoti

Pages: 6986-6994

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Youtube A Growing Communication Tool For Libraries: A Survey Of Maharshi Dayanand University Library Users

Balvinder Kumar and Satish Kumar Malik

Pages: 6995-7010

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Group’s Uncertainty Defuzzification Method To Select The Best Four Wheeler Group For Public Transport By Private Or Government Sector

Bhawna Bhagwat and Arihant Jain

Pages: 7011-7018

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9/11 And Pakistan: A Critique On Nadeem Aslam’s Novel “The Blind Man’s Garden”

Sana Riaz , Rani Begum , Saddam ul Islam , Shaukat Ali

Pages: 7019-7032

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The Relationship Between Information Asymmetry And Board Characteristics Evidence From Pakistan’s Textile Industry

Dr. Maryam Jabeen , Faiza Faiz Malik , Saima Zaib , Dr. Afia Saleem , Aisha Jabeen

Pages: 7033-7055

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An Improved Classification Model For Identifying The Phishing Attacks

Vinod Sapkal , Dr. Ninad More

Pages: 7056-7062

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Yield Curve Forecasting And Strategies

Rahul Rangotra

Pages: 7063-7071

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A Printed And Handwritten English Scanned Document Text Segmentation Using Deep Learning Method

Mr Roshan D Suvaris , Dr. S Sathyanarayana

Pages: 7072-7077

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A Review On Skull Stripping Techniques Of Brain MRI Images

Aashutosh Kharb , Prachi Chaudhary

Pages: 7078-7088

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Unethical Marketing Practices By Pharmaceutical Industry In Pakistan

Dr. Aqsa Siddiq , Adnan Khan , Nazim Ali , Dr. Zahid Ali

Pages: 7089-7101

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Analysis Of Various Software Architecture Process With Its Importance And Challenges While Developing In Real Scenario

Gurudev Sawarkar , Dr. Dipesh Rajput , Dr. Tryambak Hiwarkar

Pages: 7102-7110

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The Elements Of Moderation And The Kaleidoscopic Nature Of Man And Universe In The Essay “Of Experience” By Michel Eyquem De Montaigne

Farooq shah , Dr. Mahrukh Shakir , Marina Khan

Pages: 7111-7116

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Sentiment Analysis Of Bengali Text Using Machine Learning: Novel Approach

Ms.Moumita Pal , Dr. Rajesh S. Prasad

Pages: 7117-7126

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Charge Sharing Tolerant Domino With Contention Current Partitioning For Wide Fan-In OR Logic Gates

Sourabh Yadav , Rahul Gupta , Manjeet Singh Sonwani , Chetna Sinha , Sanjay Kumar Dewangan

Pages: 7127-7144

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