Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

An Introduction Of Islamic Concept Of State And Non-Islamic Concept Of State: A Comparative Study

Muhammad Manzar Ehsan , Hafiz Hussnain Khaliq , Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Khan , Hafiz Zakirullah , Sumara Perveen

Pages: 5470-5478

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A Review On Load Balancing In Data Routing Of Wireless Sensor Networks

Dinesh Kumar Gupta and Dr. Deepika Pathak

Pages: 5479-5491

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Design A Model To Analyze Open Source Nodejs Iot Frameworks

Mirza Salman Baig and Dr. Rajeev G. Vishwakarma

Pages: 5492-5505

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COVID-19 As A Challenge For Healthcare Workers: Exploring The Barriers To Patient Care In Government Healthcare Sector Of Islamabad, Pakistan

Nain Danish , Majid Hussain Alias Ghalib Hussain , Guljana Mehboob , Aruba Irfan

Pages: 5506-5519

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Identification Of Multi-Class Skin Cancer Classification Using Relation Based Embedding Network With Few Shot Learning

Gopikha S and Balamurugan M

Pages: 5520-5536

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Machine Learning Based Diabetic Disease Prediction With Big Healthcare Data


Pages: 5537-5547

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Integrating Organizational Capabilities: Using Multiple Mediation Analysis

Raheela Haque , Qamaruddin Maitlo , Saqib Wahab Mahar , Naveed Akhtar Qureshi

Pages: 5548-5563

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Efficient Management Of Data In Uncertain And Probabilistic Databases

Mr. Vivek V. Kheradkar , Dr. S. K. Shirgave

Pages: 5564-5580

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Exploration Into Eco-Consciousness Prevailing Through Characters Of The Almond Tree

Iqra Khadam , Amna Aziz , Aiman Shahzadi

Pages: 5581-5596

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A Study Of Mystical Madness In Rumiís Poetry

Nazneen Zahra , Dr. Shamshad Rasool , Dr. Behzad Anwar

Pages: 5597-5608

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Semantic Web Services Composition Using Clustering And Parallel Processing

A Nagarjuna Reddy , Dr. M Chandra Mohan

Pages: 5609-5620

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Sustainable Rotor Yarn Production From Knitting Industries Fabrics Wastes

G. M. Faysal , Md.Rashel Hawlader , Tanvir Mahmud , KAZI Naim Hossain , Uzzal Mia

Pages: 5639-5650

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The Effect Of Training On Employees Job Performance: The Case Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia Wolaita Sodo District

BISRAT GEBREAB , Teketel Agafari Ansebo

Pages: 5651-5675

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Pages: 5676-5682

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Application Of Scientometric Laws On Deep Learning Research Output Using R Programming

M.Thamaraiselvi , Dr. S. Lakshmi

Pages: 5683-5694

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An Efficient Data Recovery Technique For Prediction Of Milk Adulteration Using Dairy Logistics Prediction (Dlp21) Algorithm

K.Radhika , Dr.A.Shaik Abdul Khadir

Pages: 5695-5704

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Enhancing Performance Of Multi-Cloud Storage Environment Using Modified Erasure Coding Technique

V. L. Padma Latha , Dr. N. Sudhakar Reddy , and Dr. A. Suresh Babu

Pages: 5716-5726

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Potential Benefits Of Cryptocurrencies And The Perception Of Educated Youth Of Balochistan Pakistan Towards Cryptocurrencies: A Comparative Study Between Teachers And Students Of Balochistan, Pakistan

Saira Baloch , Waleed Bashir , Safiullah

Pages: 5727-5743

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A Network Analysis Of The Pakistan Stock Exchange

Nadir Khan , Safia Bano , Muhammad Zohair Durrani

Pages: 5744-5763

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Impact Of Financial Service Quality On Banking Customerís Loyalty: Mediating Role Of Banking Customers Satisfaction; Insights From Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Dr. Badariah binti Haji Din , Kaleem Anjum , Nadir Munir Hassan , Adnan Ahmed Sheikh , Muhammad Umair Ashraf , Sajjad Nawaz Khan , Fahad Javed Baig , Umer Gulzar

Pages: 5764-5777

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Effectiveness Of GTM And DM In Sialkot Schools: A Comparative Study

Ayesha Liaqat , Umara Naseem , Awais Rubbani

Pages: 5778-5788

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Assessment Of Electrical Process Parameters For Electrical Discharge Machining

Ruchi Sharma , Irshad Ahamad khilji , Siti Nadiah Binti Mohd Saffe , Mukesh Yadav , Nidhi Tiwari

Pages: 5789-5798

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Digital Marketing Communication Tools Potential To Create Awareness During Covid 19 Pandemic

Dr. Mohit K Pandit , Kaushal Yadav , Dr. Jayant Sonwalkar , Barkha Pandit

Pages: 5799-5810

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ESCET: Enhanced Symmetric Convergent Encryption Technique To Provide Secured Deduplicated Data In Public Cloud Storage

K. Balaji , Manikandasaran S S

Pages: 5811-5825

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Efficacy Of Two Competing Black Hole Detection Mechanism In Manets: ABIP And KNN Clustering With Fuzzy Inference

Dr. S. Sangeetha , Dr. A. Kalaivani

Pages: 5826-5634

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